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Egypt Country Report

  • Published Date: November 2017

A comprehensive overview of the cards, payments and consumer banking market in Egypt.


  • Egypt has a large population of over 90 million but just one in seven people have a bank account.
  • Despite the low levels of financial inclusion, the country's banking sector is highly competitive with a wide range of public sector banks, domestic commercial banks and foreign banks offering retail banking services.
  • The average debt per household of $558 at the end of 2016 is low by international standards. Personal loans account for around 90 percent of household debt.
  • Card ownership and use is low owing to the small banked population. There was less than one card purchase per adult in 2016.
  • Egypt's credit cards market is expected to make a profit of approximately $23 million during 2017. This is despite a hike in interest rates (from 9.8 percent in 2015 to 19.3 percent in 2017).
  • Visa is the leading network in the Egyptian credit cards market, with a share of 62 percent in terms of cards in issue and 53 percent share in terms of billed volume in 2016.
  • Banks issue Visa- and Mastercard-branded debit cards in Egypt. In addition, banks also issue debit cards under the local 123 Network scheme, which can be used at ATMs and the POS, linked through the local switch.
  • Public-sector banks tend to target their credit card offerings at the lower-income segment of eligible customers while the commercial banks more often target the affluent segment.
  • CIB and AAIB are the major acquirers in the Egyptian market: in terms of credit card acquired billed volume, their combined market share is estimated to reach 56 percent in 2017.
  • The Egyptian e-commerce market is still in a nascent stage of development, due to the low level of computer literacy, poor telecommunications infrastructure, and weakened economic conditions.

View the Lafferty Research Egypt Country Report Table of Contents

Research Summary
The Economy
Retail Banking
Consumer Finance Market
Cards Market
Profit Pool
Pricing and Enhancements
The Networks: Credit Cards
The Networks: Debit Cards
Merchant Acquiring and Processing
Online Acquiring
Regulatory and Other Cards Market Information
Appendices: Data

Appendix I: Demographics

  • Egypt: Population Metrics
  • Egypt: Ownership of Key Consumer Goods
  • Egypt: Internet Usage by Population

Appendix II: The Economy

  • Major Economic Indicators

Appendix III: Retail Banking

  • Major Retail Banking Indicators
  • Banking/Infrastructure Penetration
  • Retail Banks Key Metrics
  • Retail Banks Profit & Loss Metrics

Appendix IV: Consumer Finance Market

  • Consumer Credit Outstandings and Indebtedness
  • Consumer Credit Outstandings by Product

Appendix V: Cards Market

  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Total Credit Card Metrics
  • Consumer Credit Cards Metrics
  • Commercial Credit Cards Metrics
  • Credit Cards Profitability Indicators
  • Debit Card Numbers
  • Debit Cards Metrics

Appendix VI: E-money

  • Prepaid/e-money Cards Metrics

Appendix VII: Profit Pool

  • Profit Pool

Appendix VIII: Pricing and Enhancements

  • Card Pricing and Enhancements

Appendix IX: The Networks: Credit Cards

  • Networks' Credit Card Market Shares
  • Networks' Credit Card Numbers
  • Networks' Credit Card Billed Volume
  • Networks' Number of Credit Card Transactions
  • Networks' Average Credit Card Transaction Value
  • Credit Card Interchange Fees by Network

Appendix X: The Networks: Debit Cards

  • Networks' Debit Card Market Shares
  • Networks' Debit Card Numbers
  • Networks' Debit Card Billed Volume
  • Networks' Number of Debit card Transactions
  • Networks' Average Debit Card Transaction Value
  • Debit Card Interchange Fees by Network

Appendix XI: Issuers

  • Key Credit Card Issuers Market Shares by Credit Card Numbers
  • Key Issuers Market shares in Credit Card Outstandings
  • Key Debit Card Issuers Market Shares by Debit Card Numbers

Appendix XII: Merchant Acquiring and Processing

  • Merchant Acquirer Credit Card Market Share
  • Credit Card Merchant Service Charges
  • Merchant Acquirer Debit Card Market Share
  • Debit Card Merchant Service Charges
  • Credit Card Issuer/Issuing Processor Relationships
  • Credit Card Acquirer/Acquiring Processor Relationships
  • Credit Card Issuing Processor Market Shares by Card Numbers
  • Credit Card Acquiring Processor Market Shares by Number of POS Transactions

Appendix XIII: Online Acquiring
-Online Merchant Acquirer Market Share


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