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Global market and competitor intelligence on payment cards, mobile and online payments, acquiring and processing

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Brazil When paying for an online purchase, credit cards are the preferred choice in this market: during 2018, with a total of $32 billion spent, credit cards accounted for close to two thirds of the value of e-commerce transactions.
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Sweden is one of the few Western economies where mobile payments have become widespread. This is largely due to the runaway success of Swish, which dominates the landscape.
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Saudi Arabia Card use online has been constrained by the fact that debit cards were only enabled for online payments in 2018. With just ten percent of the population having a credit card, card use online has been severely restricted, a situation that should now change dramatically.
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France Revolving credit outstandings almost halved between 2007 and 2017 as first the financial crisis and then tightened regulation decimated the market.
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The market-leading online, interactive database covering the global cards and payments industry in detail, plus a range of data-packed country and regional reports. With data going back to 2010 -- and forecasts up to 2020 -- our unique datasets cover 72 countries around the world and feature more than 250 metrics per market.

On November 13th 2018, Verisk has acquired Lafferty Cards and Digital Payments Research Service, a globally recognized online resource providing market and competitor intelligence on payment cards, e-money, acquiring and processing, retail banking, and consumer credit. It will become part of Verisk Financial under Argus Information and Advisory Services.