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Databank mini
Two new series of executive research reports covering the credit and debit cards markets. Each databank is available by region - Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Western Europe. Published throughout July 2014.

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July 2014
UAE, Uruguay, South Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Venezuela, Kenya, Turkey

August 2014
Algeria, United States, Paraguay, China, Portugal, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Morocco, Hungary

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Risk is not a Number -
The impact of UK banking standards around the world

Thursday 21 August
10am BST

Presented by Bruce Packard,

Author, Commonsense Risk Management, published by Lafferty Group

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Lafferty Group provides the financial industry worldwide with advanced knowledge services in the fields of retail banking and cards and payments. Our activities include confidential peer groups known as Councils, single and multi-client research programmes, global benchmarking databases, professional education via the International Academy of Retail Banking, management and research reports, and the industry bulletins Retail Banking Insights and Cards and Payments Insights.

Single and Multi-client Research

Lafferty is typically the research firm of choice for clients seeking international and multi-country research in all fields of retail banking and payments. Recent projects have included a global study of merchant acquiring, a competitive assessment of Asia-Pacific credit cards markets, POS finance in Europe and a global study of cards schemes other than Visa and MasterCard.

Benchmarking research

Lafferty Group maintains extensive research databases on retail banking, consumer finance, cards and payments and mobile money worldwide. Currently, almost 70 countries are researched using common templates. Clients access this data either online or through bespoke/published reports.

International Academy of Retail Banking

The International Academy of Retail Banking is the fruit of Lafferty Group's commitment to education for the retail banking industry. Read more >.