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  • Slovenia: With cash still being widely used as a payment instrument, card issuers are focusing on increasing card penetration and card usage among existing current account customers.
  • Brazil: The Brazilian credit cards profit pool is significant and has become one of the worlds' largest. The market is characterised by very high interest rates and high merchant fees. Nevertheless, the widespread availability of interest-free instalment facilities on credit cards has hindered the development of the revolving credit cards market.
  • Jordan: The central bank plans to launch a mobile payments service in 2017 which will allow Jordanians to make P2P transfers and utility bill payments, in addition to withdrawals using connected bank accounts.
  • Austria: Austrians tend to prefer debit cards or deferred debit cards over revolving credit cards. Credit cards have historically been a niche product for business travellers or more affluent personal travellers and those needing to make cross-border transactions.
  • The Netherlands: Credit cards are used mainly for foreign transactions. Two-thirds of transactions on credit cards issued in the country are processed outside the Netherlands.
  • Romania: Romania is one of the fastest-growing emerging markets for e-commerce in Europe.
  • Spain: Consumers' card preference has shifted towards debit. Between 2009 and 2015, credit card spend grew by just 2.8 percent while debit spend increased by 64 percent.



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